• Free refreshments

    To help you focus and get the most out of your tutorial, free refreshments are made available to all students

  • 52 Unique Courses

    Our tutors can offer 52 unique and tailored courses to suit your needs

  • Over 650hrs taught

    In the last month alone, our skilled and knowledgable tutors have taught over 650hrs combined

  • Convenient and timely reminders

    Each tutorial you book with us through our app comes with timely reminders to ensure you don't miss any appointments with your tutors

Welcome to That Tuition Café

We are a first-of-a-kind learning space, with a focus on the student. Our Cafés provide a conducive and engaging environment where students can meet their preferred tutors by booking them through our custom-made app.

Bookable places each week
Skilled and trained tutors
Bookable private tables
Number of locations


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